• The Agency

    The Event Public Relations Agency has been on the Polish market since fall 1998. We develop communication strategies for products, companies and organizations in image building and protection. We offer a wide range of modern PR techniques that we use through...


    The Team

    The core of the agency is created by experienced people, active for many years in the industry and seasoned. Knowing the taste of victory, able to choose effective techniques and identify potential threats. Having invaluable contacts. We have worked together...



    The Event PR agency has to its credit projects and campaigns for more than 170 clients. These range from large international corporations to medium-sized companies, and even quite small family businesses, the cooperation with whom is appreciated...

  • Clients

    The Event PR agency has to its credit projects and campaigns for more than 170 clients. These range from large international corporations to medium-sized companies, and even quite small family businesses, the cooperation with whom is appreciated. Many of them in recent years has strengthened their market positions and even grew up to be leaders, to which the consistently implemented PR activities greatly contributed. A full list of clients is available at our company upon request.


  • References

  • Specialization and experience

    The Agency operates in many fields of image shaping and modern marketing. The goals are varied – from the tactical and immediate, such as an effective product launch, to strategic, as building a permanent position for our clients in their internal and external environment.

    We have experience in the use of a wide range of public relations tools and techniques in almost all of these areas. Most of the projects have been carried out in the areas of media relations, product PR, corporate PR and events.

    Media Relations
    To be in the public awareness, one has to be present in the media. This is a starting point and an absolutely necessary condition for success.

    Corporate PR
    An organization must be firmly set in its environment – both internal and external. The basic thing is a positive image and strong identity.

    Brand and Product PR
    Product PR is a marketing tool of fulminant power, far more credible than advertising. Why? Because others talk about it, not yourself.

    Organization of special events
    Contrary to what is believed, skillful organization of an event is not easy, and the number of potential threats is enormous for projects of this type.

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    E-mail: eventpr@eventpr.pl

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  • Media relations

    To be in the public awareness, one has to be present in the media. This is a starting point and an absolutely necessary condition for success. A further step is to make efforts to ensure that the media image is positive, consistent with our expectations and approved strategy. This is achieved by properly formed relationships with the media. And it is a skill, in which not everyone is successful.

    In media relations we offer, among other things:

    - organization of press conferences
    - creation of media and press people databases
    - individual cooperation with press people
    - organization of briefings, panels, press luncheons
    - organization of study tours for press people
    - media monitoring

    and a number of other activities.

  • Brand and Product PR

    Product PR is a marketing tool of fulminant power, far more credible than advertising. Why? Because others talk about it, not yourself. American communication research has shown conclusively that these brands are successful on the market, that are supported by PR activities.

    In product and brand PR we offer, among other things:

    - marketing communication
    - presentation of products in the media on editorial columns – e.g. as market novelties or within a   problem context
    - advertorials
    - media sponsoring (e.g. press quizzes, sponsor billboards during shows)
    - product and brand placement
    - events related to the promotion of new products
    - sponsor projects (e.g. sports, culture)
    - various forms of, presence in internet message boards and social networking services
    - creation of brand promoting topical Web pages

    and a number of other activities.

    Examples of completed product campaigns

  • Examples of completed product campaigns

    Viscoplast (3M)

    Kremy do rąk (Kamill)

    Pieczywo lekkie (Wasa)

    Kawa premium (MK Cafe)

    Deser waniliowy (Alpro)

    Baterie (Varta)

    Makaron penne (Sorenti)

    Żele (Floslek)

    Scotch Magic (3M)

    Walizki (Roncato)

    Mydła w płynie (MiP)

    Suszarki (Remington)

    Geronpol (Hasco Lek)

    Ściereczki (Intechemall)

    Smecta (Beaufour Ipsen)

    Kawa Exclusive (Tchibo)

    Microfibra (York)

    CholesTrak (Screenmed)

    Encopirin (Omega Rex)

    Cocculine (Boiron)
  • Corporate PR

    An organization must be firmly set in its environment – both internal and external. The basic thing is a positive image and strong identity. The opinion about a company can be formed by many PR tools, such as cooperation with the media, sponsorship, websites, or CSR. The choice of specific solutions depends on various factors.

    In corporate PR we offer, among other things:

    - designing coherent visual identification
    - Web page design
    - editing company publications
    - shaping the corporate media image
    - organization of press conferences and mailing press releases
    - media monitoring
    - organization of special events (e.g. rocznice, nagrody)
    - sponsor projects (e.g. sports, culture)
    - internal PR (message boards, newsletters, integration events, etc.)
    - advisory assistance in crisis situations

    and a number of other activities.

  • Organization of special events

    Contrary to what is believed, skillful organization of an event is not easy, and the number of potential threats is enormous for projects of this type. Due to the necessity of incurring significant costs, relying on professionals seems to be of particular importance here. The most important success factors are creativity, resistance to stress, experience and responsibility.

    We organize, among other things:

    - special events
    - open-air picnics
    - shows
    - concerts
    - integration events
    - sports contests
    - incentive tourism events
    - conferences and seminars
    - discussion panels
    - training

    and other events, in compliance with the clients’ current requirements.

  • “See the future with your own eyes”

    On the initiative of the AMD Association and our client - ophthalmic company Bausch & Lomb, on May 6 - June 12, 2008 we carried out a nationwide information campaign on age-related macular degeneration (AMD) - an incurable eye ailment that can eventually lead to total blindness.

    A special bus was adapted for the action, to serve as a kind of a laboratory. Persons visiting the bus had access to information materials and an opportunity to examine their eyes. The campaign was supported by local and nationwide media.

  • Press meeting entitled “Amica is hot”

    The Event PR agency organized a press conference under the slogan “Amica is hot”. It began a series of three themed events, aimed at presentation of “Amica” brand products of three product groups: the kitchen, refrigerators and washing machines. The event was hosted by Agata Młynarska and Jarosław Kret.

    At the meeting, a video was shown, presenting consumer research and then the latest domestic appliances were displayed, including the first Polish ovens significantly reducing energy consumption. The meeting’s attraction was a show by Kabaret Moralnego Niepokoju. The effect of PR actions were numerous press releases and an increase in consumer awareness of “Amica” products.

  • Yamaha Motor Europe - European debut

    The Event PR agency organized a huge open-air event for Yamaha: the European presentation of a new quad model Grizzly 700. The event was attended by 50 industry journalists and Yamaha distributors from all over Europe, as well as 25 representatives of Yamaha Motor Europe.

    The presentation took place on the military range in Orzysz in the Mazury lake district. The aim of the event was to invitation the journalists to, Poland, to experience an extraordinary adventure with Yamaha, so that every moment spent in Poland shocked (in plus), surprised and delighted our guests. The scenario was characterized by fast action of events, rather ascetic conditions of transport (a military airplane flight from Warsaw airfield Bemowo to the field in Orzysz) and lodging (military tents and a forest park), but with top service and catering, and the use of the latest audio-video technologies for the presentation. It all provided sensations never before experienced by the journalists. For the participants, to thoroughly test the capabilities of the new Grizzly 700 model, a very interesting tracks of a cross-country rally were set in the forest - mud, sand, steep descents. Also, special techniques of using the vehicles in difficult terrain were presented, e.g.: crossing a lake or a ravine in quads. The event lasted two days and was highly praised by both the participants and Yamaha Motor Europe.

  • Fashion House Outlet Centre – opening in Gdańsk

    In October 2005, the Event PR agency developed a concept and organized the grand opening of a new shopping center, Fashion House Outlet Centre in Gdansk-Szadółki. The guests arriving for the opening of the center (representatives of local authorities, journalists, investor representatives, tenants)were welcomed by the director of The Outlet Company, Marc Lebbe. The ceremony was attended by Mayor of Gdansk Paweł Adamowicz, and Archbishop Tadeusz Gocłowski, who blessed the facility. The event was hosted by well-known TV journalist, Małgorzata Motyl. After the official part, many residents of Gdansk were able to make the first purchases, listen to sea shanties, as well as take part in various competitions and games.

  • Elite training for the consumers of MK CAFE Premium

    MK Cafe Premium has prepared an attractive action for its consumers. Throughout it, that is from May to August 2008, one could win a weekend for two in a luxury hotel, together with a training at the School of Coffee Champions. The elite training was carried out by Polish Champion Barista, Marcin Rusnarczyk. To take part in it, you had to describe your unique recipe for coffee. The Event PR agency was responsible for marketing communication of this event. Press material was provided to journalists from lifestyle, culinary, women, and interior design magazines. They contained information on the training, as well as the latest package designs of MK Cafe Premium Coffee.

  • SCA in Lower Silesia

    On September 26, 2006, in thye SCA factory in Oława, there was a grand opening of a new Tena Slip production line of the SCA Swedish group. It was attended by about 150 guests of the company from Poland and abroad, as well as representatives of local authorities and the media. The elements of the event were the ribbon cutting ceremony by the President of SCA, a press conference at the HP Park Plaza hotel in Wrocław, and a presentation focused on the SCA business in Poland and the world. After the official part, until late at night, all guests were guaranteed games full of emotion in the casino, where anyone could try their hand at real gambling! The Event PR agency has developed a concept for and coordinated the entire event.

  • Berendsen Textile Service

    On June 16, 2007 in Wiązowna, there was the grand opening of a new environment-friendly laundry, combined with a picnic for Berendsen employees. The event was attended by over 300 guests from Poland and abroad. After the official part, the guests attended a picnic event, during which a versatile artistic program was presented, including a fashion show performed by the X-Ray group, a recital by Marysia Rodowicz, a by Lady Stars show and a laser and fireworks show. Berendsen has been present in Poland for over 10 years and involved in the service of work clothing. It has a network of environment-friendly laundries in Poland. The Event Public Relations agency was responsible for the organization of both events.

  • Presentation of the C-Crosser model

    On June 20, 2007, at the Holiday Inn in Józefów, Citroën Poland organized for its dealers a closed preview of the its SUV model – Citroen C-Crosser, distinctive for its modern technical solutions and unusual design. Able to carry up to 7 people, C-Crosser is the first SUV released by Citroën. The show was attended by 160 people from all over Poland, and representatives of Citroën France. The Event PR agency was responsible for the creative concept and organization of the event.

  • To have a beautiful smile

    At the request of 3M Poland, the Event PR agency organized press luncheons under the slogan “Easy and stylish way to have a beautiful smile”. During meetings with journalists was discussed the effectiveness of fixed orthodontic appliances in the treatment of malocclusion and dentition – in children, adolescents, and adults. The substantive part of the meeting included an interesting presentation by Dr. Joanna Mrowiec of the Aster Med dental clinic in Warsaw, as well as by the statements of persons currently treating malocclusion and dentition. In addition to the substantive presentation, the press people were told about the history of 3M, and its Unitek division – a manufacturer of fixed and removable orthodontic appliances corresponding to world standards. The activities found significant response in media pages.

  • On a voyage with Marco Polo

    The Agency’s task was to create the image of the operator and media promotion of its recreational products – luxury cruises on the seas and oceans. For this purpose, we have made special press releases, showing a growing popularity of this form of travel in Western societies. The cruises are a new idea for combination of exploring attractive parts of the world with carefree relaxation on board and use of its extensive infrastructure. For journalists, a special conference was organized, which presented the operator’s offer. In the entertainment part, the music and climate of the Caribbean dominated, made even more attractive by a salsa show performed by professional dancers, including a native Cuban. Our actions were reflected in numerous publications in the women, travel and lifestyle press.

  • Batteries for special tasks

    The Event PR agency carried out a media relations campaign for Varta High Energy batteries. They have been designed specifically for devices with high power consumption – the product was named the most productive in the world. The high quality of the batteries was confirmed by numerous tests and consumer awards. Varta High Energy AA-size batteries have won the test made by the editors of the ComputerBild magazine. The Agency prepared for the campaign a special press release on the batteries, including their technical specifications, usability tests and expert opinions. The fruit of the work were numerous press reports about the product, exposing its advantages and innovation.

  • Scotch Cleaning Team

    3M introduced into the Polish market the world recognized brand of cleaning accessories Scotch-Brite™. The company has chosen our agency to conduct media relations activities for the brand. Because of the desire to highlight the benefits of new products, as well as their specific purpose, depending on the cleaned surface, the whole range of brand Scotch-Brite™ was presented to the journalists “in action”. With the press materials, they received “vouchers” entitling them to use the services of a special “Scotch Cleaning Team”. The action lasted two months and met with enormous interest from journalists. Media monitoring indicated a large number of publications presenting the accessories of the Scotch-Brite™ line.

  • "3M = Marzysz, Myślisz, Możesz"

    In connection with the anniversaries of two 3M products: the 75th anniversary of Scotch® tape and the 25th anniversary of Post-it® sticky notes, the Event PR agency has developed and implemented an open nationwide art contest called “3M = Marzysz, Myślisz, Możesz (Dreaming, Thinking, Being able)” The project was implemented over nine months. The participants' task was to design and build an artwork, utility, or decoration, using the above products. The panel consisted of well-known artists, such as Hanna Bakuła, Maciek Jurkowski and Marek Król. The organizers decided to fund up as many as 25 awards (including foreign tours trips: to Mexico, the Canary Islands and the island of Rhodes). The contest results were announced at a gala opening of the exhibition of entries in June 2005. The prizewinners were Anna Filipczak and Natalia Oprowska, who had built a bicycle solely with Scotch® tape and Post-it® stickers. Then the works were presented at open-air exhibitions in several Polish cities (Warsaw – the Nowy Świat street, Sopot – the pier, Krynica – the main mineral water fountain).

  • Picnic “Welcome to the 1930s”

    In 2004, the Event PR agency won a contract and held a picnic for the employees of Polskie Porty Lotnicze. It was the second event for that company. A year earlier, the agency organized with PPL’s PR department a Country Family Picnic. This time, the outdoor event was held in the style of the 1930s. So you could listen to hits by Hanka Ordonówna, sit in a stylish pre-war Mercedes car, meet pretzel vendors, a Warsaw organ grinder, lancers in their four-cornered caps, and beautifully dressed ladies. Master billiard tricks presented by Bogdan Wołkowski, a games casino, dance shows performed by the Caro Dance group, children songs performed by Joanna Jabłczyńska and the company of the MC Sławomir Szczęśniak, are just some attractions of the picnic, which was attended by more than 3,000 people.

  • The mysterious Wizard

    The Event Public Relations agency conceptually developed and implemented a series of promotional events for a new prescription drug marketed by U.S. pharmaceutical company Wyeth. They were held in spring 2004, in 11 Polish cities. The Agency made special invitations in the form of billiard balls autographed by World Champion in billiard tricks Bogdan Wołkowski. The guests of the products presentation were mainly doctors invited by the company. The events consisted of two parts: the official part – the product presentation, and the entertainment part – whose focal point was a show of Bogdan Wołkowski billiard tricks (stage name “Wizard”). The show often raised loud applause among the audience.

  • Silver medal winners in the Stock Exchange

    During the Bakalland company's debut on the Stock Exchange in December 2006, we organized a meeting of the Stock Exchange people with representatives of our volleyball team, which won the silver medal at the recent World Championships in Japan. The invited guests were the world's best quarterback Paul Zagumny and team manager Peter Boruch. Welcoming the guests, President of the Stock Exchange Ludwik Sobolewski expressed his appreciation for the achievements of our national team, and said that they are the authors of a great success not only in sports but also socially. The participants attended a press conference and after a short photo session handed out autographed volleyballs and photos of the team.

  • Kronopol – 21st c. building

    Together with Wrocław advertising agency Orpha, the Event PR agency supervised proper conduct of the seminar for Kronopol-Żary (Swiss Krono Group AG), one of the largest and most modern plants in the wood products industry. During the seminar, held on October 2, 2002, journalists had an opportunity to get acquainted with the new Kronopol System, offering comprehensive technology solutions in the construction field. Our agency has addressed the media coverage of events and carried out activities in marketing communication on the Kronopol System.

  • Fig coffee

    The Event PR agency was commissioned by Biogran from Skawina near Cracow – the manufacturer of well-known Inka cereal coffee, to implement a PR campaign for a new product. Enrilo, the first commercially available instant coffee, based on an extract from roasted figs, is a completely natural product, rich in valuable substances and vitamins. With the introduction of Enrilo, Biogran referred to the pre-war tradition of Skawina food processing plants where fig coffee was also produced there. The task of our agency was to promote the new product among journalists from women, health and cooking press, as an interesting supplement the daily diet, corresponding to modern nutrition trends, a part of fashionable philosophy of healthy living. This resulted in numerous press stories about the product.

  • Internal communication strategy

    The task of the Event Public Relations agency was to assist in developing an internal communication strategy for the Employee Retirement Association of Telekomunikacja Polska, which manages the Employee Pension Fund (pillar III), launched in November 2001. The Event PR agency planned and conducted marketing research – both quantitative, in the form of a questionnaire, and qualitative, in the form of group interviews. The results of the research helped to diagnose the major communication problems and to develop a number of solutions to improve internal communications.

  • Redd`s – quite a new beer without a shade of bitterness

    The launch a new product of Kompania Piwowarska S.A. – an apple beer Redd`s. The aim of the PR campaign was to support an advertising campaign run in parallel and to extend the communication range. Our task was to stimulate the interest of journalists in the new product, and at the presentation special emphasis was put on the specificity of the Redd`s beer, its exquisite taste after cooling and “feminine” character. The effect were numerous press reports presenting the new beer.

  • Why sugar is not healthy?

    The project commissioned by Krüger Poland. The agency carried out an educational campaign about the negative aspects of sugar abuse in the human diet and a possibility of using alternative sweeteners, non-hazardous to health. The campaign included a seminar entitled “Why sugar is not healthy?”, organized in collaboration with scientists from the Food and Nutrition Institute in Warsaw, as well as extensive media relations actions in the women and household press, radio, television and the Internet.

  • World Leader

    The agency’s task was the media coverage of the opening of new headquarters, and carrying out a marketing communication campaign for the image of ACO as a world leader in the field of linear drainage. For this purpose, the agency has developed a communication strategy based on cooperation with professional construction press. During the event, there was a press conference, and the message stressed the sustainable and innovative nature of the proposed solutions. The Agency has also developed the company's management speeches.

  • Shine Therapy – a shining premiere of Remington novelties

    At a special press briefing in Warsaw (Platinum Club) a brand new series of Remington Shine Therapy products was presented – a hair dryer and straightener, using modern, revolutionary functional solutions. The meeting was hosted by Maciej Dowbor, and with him Andrzej Górecki – the Remington brand manager in Poland. The special guest was well-known Polish model Karolina Malinowska, who displayed a haircut done by using the latest hair straightener from Remington. The hit of the evening were fruity drinks, prepared by the bartenders of the Sweet & Sour Event Bar team. The meeting resulted in a significant number of press releases about the new products.

  • VIP mailing

    On behalf of Tchibo, the Event PR Agency implemented a mailing campaign, which was to build the image of Tchibo Exclusive coffee as a product of the highest quality. In early May 2003, special shipments reached the desks of about 1,500 presidents and directors of the largest companies in Poland, Lithuania and Latvia. The packaging suggested that the shipment had come a long way from South America, where the Tchibo Exclusive coffee originates. Inside, there were elegant letters on handmade paper, signed by Director General of Tchibo Warszawa, a pack of coffee in the new packaging, a unique Rosenthal cup, and a booklet prepared by the PR department of Tchibo Warszawa.

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  • The Agency

    Event Public Relations – experience and professionalism in image building

    The Event Public Relations Agency has been on the Polish market since fall 1998. We develop communication strategies for products, companies and organizations in image building and protection. We offer a wide range of modern PR techniques that we use through tailoring to specific needs and goals. Over many years of business, we have earned the greatest reward – confidence of the Polish media, which indicates the credibility, professionalism and impeccable reputation of our agency. Almost two hundred clients from various sectors of the economy and areas of social life have already worked with us. They include both large multinational corporations and small family businesses. Particularly welcome is the fact that many of them come down to us by recommendation. Positive references attest to the importance of our work and indicate good preparation for the difficult profession of a PR person.

  • Wysoka ocena wśród klientów

    Agencja Event PR ma świetne notowania wśród swoich klientów. Świadczą o tym nie tylko wystawiane nam referencje za zrealizowane kampanie i projekty. W przekrojowym badaniu wykonanym przez magazyn ekonomiczny Home & Market w 2007 roku, na podstawie którego sporządzono kliencki ranking polskich agencji PR, wypadliśmy więcej niż pozytywnie, co sprawiło nam niemałą satysfakcję.

    Badaniu poddano 400 największych przedsiębiorstw produkcyjnych w Polsce oraz 500 najlepszych firm handlowo-usługowych. Badani wystawiali noty agencjom PR, biorąc pod uwagę takie aspekty ich pracy, jak poziom serwisu, współpraca z klientem, zrozumienie oczekiwań, zaangażowanie, kultura obsługi, kompetencje pracowników, kreatywność czy znajomość mediów.

    Agencja Event PR zajęła 9 miejsce w ogólnym rankingu polskich agencji PR, zwyciężając suwerennie w kategorii „Współpraca z klientem”. Maksymalne noty (skala 1-5) uzyskaliśmy za zrozumienie oczekiwań, szybkość reakcji na zmiany, rzetelność i dokładność, zaangażowanie, dostępność, terminowość oraz kulturę obsługi. Pod względem efektywności działań PR zajęliśmy bardzo dobrą 7 pozycję. Pod względem przychodów netto z działalności PR agencja zajęła ogólnie 13 pozycję w Polsce, lokując się jednocześnie na 8 miejscu wśród agencji średniej wielkości.

  • Sponsoring i działalność charytatywana

    Agencja systematycznie angażuje się przedsięwzięcia o charakterze dobroczynnym. W 2011 roku przygarnęliśmy pod nasze skrzydła dwoje dzieci z Zambii: dziewczynkę o imieniu Luziya oraz chłopca o imieniu Jackson. Program pomocowy dla przesympatycznych malców realizujemy w ramach programu „Adopcja Serc”.

    W roku 2004 agencja była głównym sponsorem portalu realmadrid.pl, wspomagając go w trudnej, początkowej fazie działalności. Dzisiaj jest to już jeden z najpopularniejszych i najbardziej profesjonalnie prowadzonych sportowych portali społecznościowych, na którym można znaleźć wiele cennych informacji z życia klubu, newsy, wywiady, relacje z meczów. Na stronie systematycznie goszczą dziesiątki tysięcy polskich kibiców królewskiego klubu, a wielka ich część aktywnie uczestniczy w prowadzonych na forach dyskusjach.

  • The Team

    Ewa Motyka
    Piotr Motyka
    Kasia Siedlecka
    Mariusz Szymański
    Sebastian Kupis

    Presented by Ewa Motyka

    The core of the agency is created by experienced people, active for many years in the industry and seasoned. Knowing the taste of victory, able to choose effective techniques and identify potential threats. Having invaluable contacts. we have worked together for a long time and can confidently entrust the most difficult tasks to them. Apart from them, there are also young people among us, supporting us with their dynamism and knowledge of modern tools of communication – especially the Internet world rushing forward at breathtaking speed.

    We enjoy spending time together at work, carrying out realizing both the creative “brainstorming”, and prosaic, but important daily chores, when performing tasks for our clients. Our contacts are, however, not restricted only to business relationship. We play badminton, scrabble together, once a month we meet for Thursday's “gossip” over a glass of good wine. We support and strive to foster family atmosphere within the company. It all helps us to enjoy each day lived, not to be bored in life, and undertake new challenges.

    The Management

    Mummy’s Working

  • Mummy’s Working

    The Event PR agency was awarded in the “Mummy’s Working” contest, organized by the Santa Claus Foundation and the “Rzeczpospolita” daily for solutions promoting combination of motherhood with employment. In the past two years, four children were born to our employees.

    “Motherhood and fatherhood are for many people just as important as gainful employment, perhaps even more importantly... If one does not create the conditions to combine one with the other, they will be unfulfilled, under stress, miserable in fact. Besides, looking at the issue more broadly, Poland has to have more children. This is our common interest, our future and our security for old age”.

    Ewa Motyka

  • Event w mediach - publikacje prasowe

  • The Management

    Ewa Motyka

    In the public relations industry since mid-nineties. She gained experience in the agencies Belarte and AMC Studio 4, providing service to the companies: Unilever Poland, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, Orbis S.A., Europol-Gaz or Kamis Przyprawy, among others. She has headed the Event PR agency since its inception (1998). She is a specialist in media relations and marketing communication. On a daily basis, Ewa oversees implementation of PR projects and manages the company’s finances. Her professional passion is the media, and privately – her family and traveling.
    The motive that led me once to start business in PR, was my fascination with the media, and an additional incentive - innate love for contacts with people and various forms of communication. So one day I gathered other people with similar interests, and together we created a team that has successfully achieved real professional success.

    Piotr Aleksander Motyka

    He was for four years the head of marketing at PBP Orbis. Then he was an Account Manager at the AMC Studio 4 advertising agency, and Go & Goal Advertising sports marketing agency, founded by Zbigniew Boniek and Robert Kaczynski. At Event PR since 2001. Responsible for finding new clients and developing communication strategies. A university lecturer, author of Marketing at a travel agency" (1996). Press publicist (Press, Brief), juror of the “Goleador” contest for the sports commercial of the year.
    In the 1990s, I realized that the time of PR is coming. The image and presence in the media are the key conditions for success in many areas of life - and especially in politics and business. Thought public relations activities do not guarantee immediate results, - as advertising does, but they are extremely effective in strategic terms and build a strong position of an organization in its environment.